French Roulette - In the press

• 08 January 2024 •
French Roulette - In the press

The 4 episodes are immersed in the colorful nostalgia of the seventies and the glitz of the Côte d’Azur before sinking into a darker atmosphere of power games and backroom wheeling and dealing. Michèle Laroque lends René Le Roux her lioness temperament. In the role of suspect number 1, Yannick Choirat brings out Maurice Agnelet’s contradictions.
Le Figaro – TV Magazine

A look back at an extraordinary criminal case. Michèle Laroque, elegant and determined.
Le Parisien ****

It’s not every day that a series can say that it did better on the same subject than a film by André Téchiné, “The Man We Loved Too Much”, released in 2014.
Le Nouvel Observateur

The series recounts in minute details the Agnès Le Roux affair which combines political-mafia backroom dealings, a love story, family secrets and crime. A visually finally crafted series which takes us back to France in the 1970s!
Europe 1

More than the crime investigation, we follow the years of a mother’s obstinate fight for the truth. An original take on this story supported by a quality casting.

“Tout pour Agnès” integrates an element of fiction and offers a convincing result.
La Croix

A breathtaking and exciting fiction. Director Vincent Garenq skillfully takes on the Agnès Le Roux–Maurice Agnelet affair. Michèle Laroque is perfect as “Queen Mother”.
Ciné Série

Michèle Laroque puts all her dramatic talent and dignity at the service of the character of Renée Le Roux, whom she embodies wonderfully.
Télé 7 Jours, 777

Direction, casting (Michèle Laroque and Yannick Choirat are impeccable), sets, costumes, lighting, music… everything is perfectly mastered to tell this extraordinary criminal story.
Télé Loisirs, Favorite

This is one of the TV highlights of the start of 2024 (…) A fictionalized adaptation but faithful to reality, an incredible scenario peppered with numerous twists and turns, a breathtaking cast and a superb interpretation.
TV Grandes chaînes

The reconstruction of the period is skillfully staged and the context is perfectly set. The simple and effective direction succeeds in meeting a difficult challenge. What could have been a daunting bet turns out to be a real success.
Var Matin

A surprising Michèle Laroque… A portrait of a powerful and relentless woman.