Antisemitism: 2,000 Years of History - In the Press

• 13 April 2022 •
Antisemitism: 2,000 Years of History  - In the Press

An essential perspective to become aware of the context in which these delusional outbursts can flourish and degenerate at high speed! Yesterday, as well as today.
Historia ***

A carefully crafted story told with great didactic care, the series traces the mutation of anti-Judaism into antisemitism, up to radical anti-Zionism. It does so by peppering the story with elegant animated sequences and 3D images cleverly borrowed from the world of video games.
Télérama TTT

All the specialists are remarkable for their clarity and pedagogy. The skillful use of computer-generated images, as illustration, gives the whole series a modernity that is too often lacking in historical documentaries.

Arte devotes an evening to the history of “the longest hatred”, dissecting the motives, religious or political, which try to justify it. The complex subject is presented in Antisemitism, 2,000 Years of History. A film marked by an obvious desire to remain factual. The bet for Director Jonathan Hayoun and his producer Simone Harari Baulieu was risky, as the issue is currently burning hot.
Le Figaro

The documentary includes 3D historical reconstructions from Ubisoft, a French video game creator, depicting the atmosphere and landscapes of the time amid expert testimonies. A fascinating investigation.
Le  Parisien

This film is a necessary educational tool, at a time when elements of medieval iconography that created deadly stereotypes are resurgent in mass social protests.
Toute La Culture

This journey through two millennia of antisemitism impresses with its rich iconography and subject density.
Télé Star – “The nugget”

Experts analyze antisemitism in the world with intelligence, clarity and precision.
Télé Cable TV ****

An exhaustive and rigorous investigation. Fascinating and educational.
Télé 2 Semaines ****