'Bye Bye €uro' premieres February 17th on France 5

• 13 February 2015 •
'Bye Bye €uro' premieres February 17th on France 5

Bye Bye €uro premieres February 17th on France 5

February 13, 2015

Our fictitious documentary which imagines what would happen if France abandoned the Euro will premiere in primetime February 17th on France 5.

Bye Bye €uro is a ‘what if’ film.
With incredible realism, it recounts the potential consequences of France exiting the European communal monetary system, not only for its public and market finances, but also for the daily lives of the French people.
Besides ‘man on the street’ interviews, prominent officials will also weigh in: economists, journalists, CEOs… They act as if it were already happening and describe how various spiraling steps and domino effects proceed as a new order gets established.
Directed by talented Ella Cerfontaine, the film is surprising by its realism. With dramatic intensity, it goes beyond the macroeconomic concepts to successfully plunge into the real impact on the daily life of individuals, and the effect is suspenseful and breathtaking for the viewer.
This is an entirely new format for television, which illustrates a potential scenario with a simulation to demonstrate in a realistic manner what could happen. It is designed to provide viewers all the information they need to formulate their own opinions and subsequently become more involved in the public debate.