French Roulette broadcast exclusively on Paramount+ from December 1st!

• 30 November 2023 •
French Roulette broadcast exclusively on Paramount+ from December 1st!

French Roulette (Tout pour Agnès) will be broadcast exclusively on Paramount+ from December 1, 2023, before its broadcast in 2024 on France2 and on France.TV.

This partnership combines the strengths of French public TV and a large international streaming platform to reach the widest possible audience, via streaming then regular TV. A multi-prong showcase worthy of the quality of this French fiction.

This prestigious series is freely inspired by one of the most mysterious crime news stories of the 1970s: the Agnès Le Roux affair and the history of the Palais de la Méditerranée. Forty years of legal drama without ever finding the body of Agnès Le Roux. This affair became notorious in the media as its plots twists and turns were numerous and its protagonists tragically romantic. More than a criminal affair,”Tout pour Agnès” is a true family saga, in which two clans clash against a backdrop of casino wars and the mafia. It is also, and above all, the story of a mother’s unconditional fight to discover the truth about the disappearance of her daughter.

“Tout pour Agnès” combines a thrilling plot, a fantastic cast, sets and costumes that bring the glamour of the 1970s Riviera to life..

Thank you to the teams at Paramount+, France Télévisions and France TV Distribution, for innovating by enabling a completely new platform-channel distribution, making “Tout pour Agnès” the first French series on Paramount+!