Rwanda: The Duty of Disobedience? - In the Press

• 07 April 2024 •
Rwanda: The Duty of Disobedience? - In the Press

A meticulous account of historical facts, put into perspective with testimonies
of the main protagonists and still unpublished archives.
Télé-Loisirs ****

The analysis of the facts, day by day, is coupled with essential ethical questions.
Télé Z ***

Upsetting and necessary testimonies.
Télé Câble Sat ***

An emotional film thanks to the testimony of a young Tutsi survivor of the massacres, Jeanne,
whose story and words will not leave anyone indifferent.
Télérama TT

The narration of this film which compiles testimonies and unpublished archives is provided by Sonia Rolland,
a poignant voice for its memory transmission.

This documentary by Brest`s Valéire Inizan bears witness to this genocide, the fastest in history.
Le Télégramme 4/5