"Shrink": The other side of the couch - In the press

• 23 October 2023 •
"Shrink": The other side of the couch - In the press

The documentary, fascinating and generous, does not omit any aspect of the question. Everything you always wanted
to know about psychologists but never dared to ask…


Everyone answers the general questions we ask about their activity in their own way. And the contours of what psychoanalysis is are gradually becoming clearer. In all modesty, without the slightest jargon.
Télérama, TT

This documentary highlights psychoanalysis thanks to the often poignant testimonies of those who practice it.
Le Figaro

An unprecedented insight into the minds of psychoanalysts which makes us see the profession in a new light
and humanizes the stoic figure of the listener.

Diverto ***

Jonathan Hayoun’s documentary gives voice to therapists who speak to us about their own questions.
Le Monde

The film, punctuated with anecdotes and concrete examples, has the merit of shedding light
on a practice which still arouses many fantasies.

La Croix, Le choix de La Croix

An unprecedented dive into a world that most often remains in the shadows.
Pèlerin, PP

A fascinating documentary.
L’Humanité Magazine