The New Look of "Hold On to Your Seat"

• 09 October 2023 •
The New Look of "Hold On to Your Seat"

Starting today, discover the new visual look of “Hold On to Your Seat”, inspired by Jarry, who has brought his own touch of joyous humor to the famous game since the beginning of August.

The new visual identity is based on Jarry’s TV persona and style: colorful, full of surprises. An identity also consistent with the hectic rhythm of the master of ceremonies: at any time during the game, Jarry goes to meet the contestants, their companions and the studio audience. At their side, he sings, dances, shares their passions in high spirits. Everything can happen !

Likewise, the new credits and jingles emphasize the central place occupied by the show’s famous red armchair, its design and its shiny texture. Emblem of the game, it represents the “ Holly Grail” for all the candidates who compete every day in a joyful and enthusiastic atmosphere. “We have never seen the chair come to life like this” explains Gerome Kennedy, the designer of the visual identity. “It moves, twirls, jumps, deforms organically, more like a character than a simple object.”

The new visual elements also highlight the “V”, as in Victory in the shape of the red armchair. Present in the logo and the packaging, it naturally draws the eye towards the armchair, placed at the center of everything.