Our Values

The ambition of engaging an audience on a personal level

Viewers want to be surprised, stimulated, entertained. They have a need to understand, to learn, to laugh, to be frightened… these needs and emotions can be so diverse! They evolve as a function of their daily lives, and can even be affected by whoever may be watching with them. At Effervescence, the objective is to address these complex expectations. It is what makes a program wildly popular and a worthwhile ambition.

The proliferation of channels and wide availability of media content across multiple platforms has created more demanding and selective TV viewers. Producers have now the opportunity to develop a closer relationship with their public. Effervescence has chosen to seize this opportunity to share with its audience meaningful moments. Whether it is a shared moment of laughter, complex emotions or the simple opportunity to learn and better understand our world, the closeness with an audience remains a core value in our endeavors.

The desire to offer the most finely crafted TV programming

Each genre has its own rules. The relevance of each program depends therefore on the care which is taken in its conception, scripting, and production. It is the careful attention paid to a thousand little details that makes the difference in the final results.

Each program is always unique in its own way. It is the result of a very specific alchemy. Our mission is to find the ingredients of this alchemy and maintain the same high quality demands, whether it is for games or documentaries or for fiction or magazines.

A hunger for new talent and creativity

In our fast and continually changing world, viral technologies can push media content to millions in a matter of days. It is absolutely indispensable to move forward unceasingly in order to understand and keep up with the new aspirations of the audience. It is therefore vital to identify tomorrow’s budding talent, help them fully develop and blossom. They will produce TV programs that correspond to their generation and meet the expectations of future audiences.

At Effervescence, our teams’ ability to adapt is fundamental.

This love of creativity has led Effervescence to:

Favor the creation of original formats over simple adaptations of existing formats.

Promote and adapt these original formats for the international market.

Develop content for new emerging media platforms (mobile, web etc.)