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Anti-semitism, 2000 years of History • 2022 • ARTE


— Anti-semitism, 2000 years of History

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From Antiquity to the present day, from the shores of the Mediterranean to the banks of the Volga, from the Iberian Peninsula to the Polish forests, more than 2,000 years of the history of antisemitism are brought to the screen for the first time !

The series will allow the viewer to cross paths with major historical figures as diverse as Stalin, Pope John XXIII, Hitler but also Captain Alfred Dreyfus, King Louis IX, best known as Louis the Saint or 17th century early Enlightenment philosopher Spinoza.

The narration is based on the research and publications of leading renown academics. It is illustrated by a succession of period iconography, photographs and more recent archival footage. The series also allows the viewer to experience ancient periods through awesome immersive historical recreations, using the 3D scenery techniques of the game Assassin’s Creed (Ubisoft).


4×52’ documentary series for ARTE
Directed by Jonathan Hayoun
Written by Jonathan Hayoun, Laurent Jaoui and Judith Cohen Solal
Produced by Simone Harari Baulieu