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Ariane, a Space Odyssey • 2021


— Ariane, a Space Odyssey

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The story of the Ariane rocket is a true saga, a space epic that has seen Europeans unite, innovate, and hang tight to find their rightful place in the space race. Confronted by the challenges of Soviet and then American supremacy, men, and women from all over Europe have achieved the impossible!

Ever more powerful, ever bigger, and ever more reliable… Ariane, this crazy bet on engineering self-reliance, has become a watershed event for European ambitions.  It is thanks to the passion and dedication of those who dreamed it and to their tenacity in the face of the numerous obstacles who stood in their way.

This commanding European achievement is now reaching a turning point in its history. Ariane 6 is currently under construction to meet the new challenges of tomorrow. Will it be able to face more heightened competition than ever? Will it succeed in bringing this new European ambition to life in the “New Space Age” embodied by Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson?

90 min Documentary
Directed by François-Xavier VIVES
Science Consultant : Christophe BONNAL
Produced by Simone HARARI BAULIEU, Laurent Robert THIBIERGE and Ted ANSPACH
Effervescence Doc
With the participation of France Télévisions