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Pierre Brossolette: Moonlight Crossings, a film by Coline Serreau • 2015 • France 3


— Pierre Brossolette: Moonlight Crossings, a film by Coline Serreau


© Gilles Scarella

TV movie – 90′

An extremely talented laureate of the very exclusive French graduate school Ecole Normale Supérieure, Pierre Brossolette was a young visionary journalist, driven by an inexhaustible desire to shape leading discourse and opinion. During the Occupation, this intellectual proved himself to be also a man of action and a master of clandestine warfare. Always unpredictable, he showed himself to be a capable, hyperactive leader, always rebellious, somewhat flamboyant, yet at the same time, pragmatic. He ended up being very instrumental in the unification of the Resistance.
A film which pays homage to courage and bravery, which gives recognition to an above-average destiny, tragically interrupted when Brossolette was only 40 years old. An in-depth look at France’s darkest years where we will cross paths with renowned and illustrious heroes of the Resistance (Churchill, General de Gaulle, Jean Moulin, Colonel Passy, Colonel Remy).

Cast: Julien Baumgartner (Pierre Brossolette), Léa Drucker (Gilberte Brossolette), Charles Petit (Colonel Passy), François Feroleto (Forest Yeo-Thomas), Bernard Alane (Charles de Gaulle), Coraly Zahonero de la Comédie-Française (Yvonne de Gaulle), Joe Sheridan (Winston Churchill), Quentin Baillot (Jean Moulin), Philippine Pierre-Brossolette (Marianne Ozouf)
Directed by Coline Serreau
Written by Didier Decoin with Patrice Duhamel
Adaptation: Samuel Tasinaje
Based on the book Pierre Brossolette by Eric Roussel (Arthème Fayard)
Original score: Bruno Coulais

Produced by Effervescence for France 3 in 2015