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Malaria : The Grim Reaper • 2009 • France5


— Malaria : The Grim Reaper

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Documentary – 52′

Malaria affects 10% of the world’s population. A map of the infested regions very often corresponds to the map of the most impoverished nations. It is a scourge that touches every aspect of life in these countries. It fosters instability by weakening family structures, jeopardizes economic independence, education and endangers hygiene and public health.

Our team goes on location to Benin, meeting with victims, investigating the work of local governments and international organizations as well as meeting with key players at pharmaceutical labs. Without international support to find a cure, these countries may not overcome the devastating effects of this terrible affliction.

Directed by Patrice Desenne

Produced by Effervescence for France 5 in 2009