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Fundamentalism, is there a way back? • 2013 • France 5


— Fundamentalism, is there a way back?

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Documentary 52′

A growing counter-terrorist movement is gaining worldwide momentum.

After the attacks in New York, London, Madrid and Bali as well as the assassinations in Toulouse carried out by Mohamed Merah, the world wonders about how these Islamists came to the point they were able to commit such atrocities: to kill in cold blood and be willing to die a Martyr’s death. How and why did these young men become radicals? Is it reversible?

In a number of countries, deradicalization programs have sprung up. Have they been successful? In this documentary, the first ever of its kind, reporters will meet with some Islamists – former terrorists – who have left the path of terror and now dedicate their lives to persuading other terrorists to do the same.

A film by Ted Anspach

Produced by Effervescence for France 5 in 2013 (rebroadcast in 2015)