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Growing up - Devenir Grand • 2020 • France 2


— Growing up - Devenir Grand

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How can the school support students and help them grow, day after day, individually and collectively?

In an era of political, social, environmental or health crises, how can schools help train a new generation of responsible citizens who can positively change the world?

How can a school help everyone learn, find their place in society and live better with others while still encouraging students to question themselves or even question itself without hesitation?

From elementary to high school, teachers are committed to making school more than just a place to learn.

From Perpignan to Le Bourget via Langon, “Devenir Grand” (Growing Up)  takes us into three classes, as ordinary as they are extraordinary, and reveals what is at stake between teachers and students, for the duration of a school year.

A 52min film
Directed by Judith GRUMBACH
Produced by Simone HARARI BAULIEU and Laurent Robert THIBIERGE
Effervescence Doc.
With the support of the National Center for Cinema and for the Animated Image
And the participation of France Télévisions