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Last Resort • 2013 • France 2


— Last Resort


Drama Series 26′ – France2

Based on real-life cases, ‘LAST RESORT’ is a personal and deeply touching series that immerses the viewer into the drama of compelling family investigations.

When conflict tears a family apart, Judge Françoise Merle asks Aymé Cassin, Clara Dubois or Alexandre Quattro, to shed light on the crisis. Together they will find the best solution and try to bring back some peace.
Domestic violence, nasty arguments, unmanageable children, rebellious teenagers…when there seems to be no hope left, quarrelling adults ask Judge Françoise Merle to help find a solution LAST RESORT’.  She and social workers – Aymé Cassin, Clara Dubois, and/or Alexandre Quattro – will try to shed light on family financial, social and psychological background and circumstances. Their mission: try to resolve cases and above all protect the children.
The experienced social case workers will interview witnesses and talk with each family member to try to untangle the twisted complex relationships at the source of the conflict.
Whatever the situation is, they have to alleviate the tension by bringing the protagonists back to communicating with each other. Only then, can the Judge make her final rulings.