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Nous sommes Tous des Spécialistes • 2022 • France 3


— Nous sommes Tous des Spécialistes

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Hosted by Carinne Teyssandier, this game is a quiz show illustrating the diversity of the French people and their passions …

Because everyone is a specialist in his own field of choice!

Farmer or florist, butcher or mechanic, osteopath or jeweler, history buff, sports, or manga fan … they are the ones who have filmed themselves in the four corners of France and who will interview the candidates present on the set.

The four candidates in the running begin to play individually, then duo against duo. But, in the final segment, the teammates of the winning duo will have to face each other!

A 32’ gameshow for France 3
Hosted by Carinne Teyssandier
Directed by Manu Carriau and Philippe Letourneur
Produced by Simone Harari Baulieu and Laurent Robert Thibierge

Every Sunday at 5:15PM on France 3, starting on February 13, 2022.