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Place de la République • 2018 • LCP


— Place de la République

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A few months before a major constitutional reform, “Place de la République” takes stock of the major public and institutional debates that are impacting our society:

Are there too many parliamentarians? Is there an ideal voting system? Is France a republican monarchy? Should the regional departments be phased out? Should policymakers be exemplary?

In 13 episodes, this collection explains the functioning of our democracy, makes accessible the changes in progress, and answers the big questions that the French ask themselves. Each episode deals with a subject that is at the core of the public debate.

Catherine Boullay introduces each subject in a didactic way using sophisticated graphics. A cast of specialists then contributes its expertise to the discussion (parliamentarians of all tendencies, academics, lawyers journalists, senior officials), to highlight the major points that these issues raise.

In turn, they express different viewpoints, they sketch the future, they compare the situation of France with those of foreign countries. Their interventions follow one another, advance the reflection and allow the viewers to form their own opinion about each topic.

13×16’ broadcast on LCP – Assemblée nationale
Hosted by Catherine BOULLAY
Production : Simone HARARI BAULIEU – Effervescence
Produced by Rémi LEBOUC and Cyril PENNEC
With the participation of LCP – Assemblée nationale