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Pyromaniac under oath, a Corsica affair • 2011 • France 3


— Pyromaniac under oath, a Corsica affair


TV Movie 90’

Guy Caillonce becomes prefect to restore law and order in Corsica after the murder of his predecessor. He takes his mission to heart, setting out ambitious and symbolic objectives : the end of omerta, mugging, trafficking, illegal construction and favors. His mission soon becomes a crusade and his methods get radical as some people try to refrain him. With such a tricky situation, a painful outcome can’t be avoided.

Cast : Chritophe Malavoy, Micky Sébastian, Marc Barbé, Didier Bezace.
Directed by Daniel Vigne.
Written by François Caviglioli and Chantal de Rudder.

Produced by Effervescence for France 3 in 2011 (rebroadcast in 2014)