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Shrink, the other side of the psychoanalytic couch • 2023 • France 2


— Shrink, the other side of the psychoanalytic couch

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A third of French people have already consulted a “psychiatrist”. Every day, tens of thousands of people sit on a couch and talk about their lives, their torments, their privacy. Alongside them, psychoanalysts listen to them more than they speak.

What happens in the head of a psychoanalyst? Why did he choose this profession? What are his difficulties? Can he refuse a patient? Why do we have to pay him and why does it sometimes take so long? How does he support a child?

For the first time, a documentary gives a voice to psychologists. Without judgment, far from theoretical or academic discourse on psychoanalysis. Beyond fictions made on this theme or patients’ feedback.

Six psychoanalysts from different regions tell us about their daily lives, testifying about the perception we have about them, their questions, their own limits. With this same shared motivation: to help others live a better life.

A 50min film
Directed by Jonathan Hayoun
Written par Judith Cohen Solal et Jonathan Hayoun
Produced par Simone Harari Baulieu and Laurent Robert Thibierge
A production Effervescence Doc / Effervescence Fiction
With the participation of France Télévisions