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The Agnes Leroux Affair: confidences of a convict • 2022 • Planète+ Crime


— The Agnes Leroux Affair: confidences of a convict

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Maurice Agnelet speaks in front of the camera. Convicted more than forty years after the events for the assassination of Agnès Le Roux, rich heiress to the “Palais de la Méditerranée”, he left behind eight hours of unpublished rushes in which he delivers his version of the facts.

To respond, the main protagonists in the affair are summoned. Casino wars, family conflicts, rivalries, and romantic manipulations, they take us back to the Nice of the 70s and make us relive every moment of this sulfurous and haunting affair with the mystery of the disappearance of Agnès Le Roux still looming large…

4x52min documentary series
Directed by Philippe Pujol
Co-written by Michel Henry and Roger-Louis Bianchini, with the participation of Philippe Pujol
Produced by Simone Harari Baulieu, Judith Naudet Baulieu and Cyril Pennec
La Dame de Cœur and Effervescence Fiction