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The End of Gender? • 2023 • France 2


— The End of Gender?

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“Non-binary”. A new conceit that is “buzzing” in the media and on the web.

Non-binary people identify neither as man nor as woman, sometimes as one or the other, sometimes as both at the same time.

According to a Yougov survey, 14% of French people aged 18/44 do not see themselves as part of a traditional male/female binary. Is this a fad or a new social reality? Is the notion of gender doomed to disappear?

This 52-minute documentary is an intimate journey to understand without judging. Created in the style of a cross portrait, it takes us to meet Ange, Sophie, Persephone, and Lou.

Four journeys, four singularities, four people filmed over an entire year.

Birth of a child, romantic encounter, confrontation with family incomprehension, taking hormones to build a body that corresponds to its deepest feelings… everyone offers themselves up unvarnished to the camera. For all these people, non-binary resonates as a liberation. But it is also a daily struggle to reject gender stereotypes, exist outside of boxes and sometimes confront the judgment of others.

The commentary is minimalist to leave plenty of room for testimonies. The words are powerful. Uncompromising just like the characters. They seek neither to convince nor to please, but to only deliver their part of the truth.

As the narration develops, their interrogations become universal: today what is feminine, what is masculine?


A 52min documentary
Case Infrarouge
Written and directed by Ted Anspach and Maya Anaïs Yataghène
Produced by Palmyra Films and Effervescence Fiction
With the participation of France Télévisions