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French Roulette • 2024 • France 2


— French Roulette


The true story of the “Palais de la Méditerranée”, loosely inspired by the book by R-L Bianchini : “Agnès Leroux – Investigation into the disappearance of a rich young woman

Nice, 1970s. Renée Le Roux runs the city’s highly coveted historic casino with an iron fist. In the middle of gambling wars, she stands alone against the mafia and refuses to give in to the intimidation and takeover proposals from her main competitor, Jean-Dominique Fratoni, determined to become the “Emperor of the Games” of the Côte d’Azur.

But at the heart of this fight, her daughter Agnès makes a bet that escapes her. Now the rules of the game have changed. Pushed by her lover, the nefarious lawyer Maurice Agnelet, Agnès sells her shares in the family casino to Jean-Dominique Fratoni. A few months later, she mysteriously disappears.

Who can benefit from the crime? For Renée, there is no doubt: Maurice Agnelet killed her daughter to win the gambling war. A fool’s game then begins between them, a forty-year battle… until the truth comes out!


Michèle Laroque (Renée Le Roux), Yannick Choirat (Maurice Agnelet),
Marie Zabukovec (Agnès Le Roux), Stéphane Pezerat (Bernard Casal),
Yannig Samot (Yacine Dridi), Grégoire Bonnet (Maître Gilbert)…

4x52min mini-series
Directed by Vincent Garenq
Scénario and dialogues by Nicolas Jean, Isabelle Dubernet, Olivier Eloy
Adaptation by Vincent Garenq
Produced by Simone Harari Baulieu and Judith Naudet-Baulieu
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