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The Game of the Games • 2024 • Okoo and France 4


— The Game of the Games

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Do You Really Know the Olympic Games?

On the occasion of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

France Télévisions, Effervescence and Musicamour, with support from the French Ministry of Education and Youth as well as the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee, are offering middle school students all over France, the opportunity to compete in the Game of the Games, testing their knowledge of the Olympics. A unique cultural Olympiad for 6th and 7th grade students, invited to compete for their respective school, all the way to a grand finale broadcast on television.

In June 2024, this school competition finale will in fact be filmed and broadcast on Okoo. Lumni, the public broadcasting educational platform, will also be a partner and provide middle school students practice quizzes and permit an additional pair of students to participate in the finale.

A fun way to learn about the Olympics

The Game of the Games has a great educational goal: to allow young people to view the Olympic and Paralympic Games from a different angle, beyond just sporting competitions.

Complementing and supporting the school curriculum, the event invites kids to discover broader horizons: the culture of the countries participating in the Olympics, the history of the different nations, the diversity of sporting disciplines, the great athletes and events which have marked the history of the Olympic Games…

Throughout the competition, the humanistic values supported by this ancient international gathering are also highlighted: perseverance, the desire to surpass oneself, team spirit, inclusion, respect.

A national competition

From April to June, the participating middle schools (label Generation 2024 schools) will be separated according to three selection phases taking place at the local school districts level, then the departments and finally each region.

Before the tests, students practice quizzes using a dedicated application, compiling hundreds of questions as well as an encyclopedia, or directly on the Lumni.fr web platform.

Events, organized in the heart of each region, offer young people the opportunity to compete and meet high-level athletes.

These regional competitions will result in the selection of 30 joint pairs, each made up of 2 middle school students each, representing the 30 academic regions in France. A additional pair will join the final competition: two middle school students selected by Lumni via a random draw.

High point of the competition: the grand final bringing together the 62 finalist middle school students and high-level athletes and filmed for television. It will be broadcast in June 2024 on France Télévisions screens, with tickets to the opening ceremony for the winners!