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The Queer Explorer • 2023 • France 5


— The Queer Explorer

Docs and Mags

Winning series of the Discovery & Culture call for projects from France Télévisions.

Karl Sanchez, better known by his stage name Nicky Doll, the famous drag queen, takes us on adventures that are in turn moving, surprising, extravagant… and of course LEGENDARY!

A journey that will take her in turn to India, Greece, Mexico, and Japan to meet those who, like her, question gender throughout the world. The opportunity to rediscover these countries with a fresh perspective, thanks to inspiring, exciting personalities, who both embody the transmission of ancestral customs and reveal to us an infinite number of ways of being a man, a woman… or other!

A 4×52min series
Written by Nicky Doll and Maxime Donzel
Directed by Maxime Donzel
Produced by Simone Harari Baulieu, Cyril Pennec et Judith Naudet Baulieu
Effervescence Doc