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The Science of Emotions • 2020 • Planet +


— The Science of Emotions

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Six emotions govern the life of most animal species: fear, sadness, joy, surprise, anger and disgust. But the Human specie experiences dozens of other emotions, such as pride, shame, contempt, anxiety, envy, jealousy or trust. Each of our emotions, from the most primal to the most complex, has the power to take control of our whole being and influence our choices and our actions.

Thanks to new technologies and novel psychological approaches, the science and understanding of emotions is making considerable progress. The work of neuroscientists, biologists and psychologists has identified thousands of facial, bodily and vocal expressions that allow us to decode our emotions. To better explain our reactions and better accept them, researchers from around the world continue to explore the complexities of our brains …

 4 épisodes premiering on Planet +

December 4, at 8:55 PM
Making Peace with Emotions
Directed by Thibault FÉRIÉ

December 4 at 9:45 PM
Manipulating Emotions
Directed by Sonia RUSPINI

December 11 at 8:55 PM
Healing Emotions
Directed by Sonia RUSPINI et Jessy PICARD

December 11, at 9:45 PM
Creating Artificial Emotions
Directed by Jessy PICARD

 A documentary series (4×52min)
Co-produced by Effervescence and Brick Lane
Simone Harari Baulieu, Laurent Robert Thibierge – Jessy Picard et Sonia Ruspini
Scientific Advisor : Thierry Chaminade, Researcher at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS),
and at the Institute of Neurosciences of La Timone (Marseille).