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Vanuatu, Journey to the End of the World • 2020 • ARTE


— Vanuatu, Journey to the End of the World

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Hernin and Marcellin Abong are two Vanuatu twin brothers following very different career paths: one became Grand Chief of his tribe, while the other is an ethno-archaeologist. To keep track of their irremediably fading culture, they both go to remote parts of their island  in search of the customs and rites of other tribes . On foot and by pirogue, their journey takes them to grandiose and isolated territories, to discover spectacular and unknown rituals, even to them.

4K Film (52’) for ARTE
Written by Luc RIOLON and Christian FLEURY
Directed by Luc RIOLON
Produced by Simone HARARI BAULIEU and Laurent Robert THIBIERGE
Effervescence Doc
Co-produced by Thierry GRAFF – Long Distance