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Murders in Blois • 2022 • France 3


— Murders in Blois


Château of Blois.
During a historical re-enactment, the Duke de Guise, played by Arthur (20), is accused of the murder of Henry III, played by the boss of the pharmaceutical group Bellion.

Alice Deschamps, police captain and Arthur’s mother-in-law, struggles to clear him but she must collaborate with her ex-husband and Arthur’s father, Denis Frécant.

A painful reunion between two people who have loved each other: the unsaid things about their past reappear at each step of the investigation.

A 90’ film for France 3
Directed by Elsa Bennett and Hippolyte Dard
Written by Christiane Spièro and Pierre Monjanel

Starring Anne Charrier, Olivier Marchal, Boubacar Kabo,
Elias Hauter, Hubert Delattre, Elodie Hesme
Proposed by Simone Harari Baulieu and Tatiana Maksimenko
Produced by Hamak Productions, a label of Effervescence Fiction