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— Pulse

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The documentary series Pulse will introduce young talents who are shaking up the media industry. Performances, photography, graphic design, fashion, cooking, cinema…: their militant works, from sexuality to feminism including the internet, surprise us, touch our hearts but also question us.

Through interviews, Pulse deciphers the creative process of artists eager to share their discoveries to inspire others in turn.

This documentary web series offers us a deep dive into their universe giving us a “mind map” to understand and approach, as best as possible, what stirs this generation of creators. Pulse also highlights the key moments and the triggers that changed their art and their lives and shows how accessible creation has become.

Inspiring encounters with a talented generation!

Already programmed:

Monday, June 28: Salif Gueye, Hip Hop dancer
Wednesday, June 30: The Boukherma brothers (Ludovic & Zoran), directors of genre films
Wednesday, July 7: Jüne Pla, illustrator, author, creator of the Jouissance Club Instagram account
Wednesday, July 14: Jessica Préalpato, best pastry chef in the world in 2019
Wednesday, July 21: Emo de Medeiros, protean artist
Wednesday, July 28: Julie Gautier, freediving filmmaker

See you in September for new episodes!

6×8′ documentary series
Written and directed by Camille Gicquel, Judith Grumbach, Maxime Vatteblé
Coproduced by ARTE France, Effervescence and Bronx Digital
Available on arte.tv and on Arte YouTube channel