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Zerosterone • 2019 • France.tv Slash


— Zerosterone


108 years after the disappearance of the last man, killed in a targeted chemical war, there are only women left on Earth. Charlie and Lucie, two sisters, do not even question it: they have never known men. Society has been reorganized, men are relegated to natural history museums, superheroes now have bosoms, the economy of sex toys is flourishing …

But when Charlie accompanies Lucie to her J.A.P.P. (Call Day for Procreation Preparation), the only chance in the life of a woman to be inseminated at a sperm bank, they come face to face with Gabrielle who drags them into her quest for the last still surviving man…

7 x 14 min Series (7X14’)
Created and written by Nadja ANANE, Éléonore COSTES,
Sandy LOBRY and Marion SECLIN
Directed by Nadja ANANE
Produced by Judith NAUDET-BAULIEU et Simone HARARI BAULIEU
La Dame de Cœur – Effervescence Fiction
Coproduced by France Télévisions
With the participation of the Corsica Region
On the air starting September 13, 2019 on France.tv Slash